Coordinator of the SPEC in literary translation program for English (2013 – present), supervision and revision of academic and literary translations; organization of internships:

21. Mathilde Meyer (English -> French), Brie Spangler, Beast (2016)

20. Lila Mabiala (English -> French), Philippo Della Croce, Jeremy Cobhan (2015)

19. Simona Mazzarelli (English -> French), David Greig, Dunsinane

  1. Frederic Guignard (English -> French)
  1. Charlotte Mohr (English -> French), Amelia Gray, Threats (2012)
  1. Daniel Baumgartel (French-> English), Laura Alcoba, Le bleu des abeilles (2013)
  1. Katrin Meyfarth, (German -> English) : translation of Ingomar von Kieseritzky, Das Buch der Desaster (1988)
  1. Carina Carballo (English -> French) : translation of Leslie Marmon Silko, «Storyteller»
  1. Carina Carballo (English -> French) : academic translation for Translation and Creativity issue of CTL : « Ecrire à travers le miroir : les poétiques traductives d’Angela Carter »

12. Lorrain Voisard (English -> French): Tim Price, Teh Internet Is Serious Business

11. Chiara Basile (English -> Italian): Nancy Huston, Sweet Agony

  1. Julie Sirbû (English -> French): Neil Forsyth on Eden as Wonderland
  1. François Tine (English -> French): Alice Walker, The Third Life of Grange Copland(1stchapter).
  1. Sarah Dupertuis (English -> French): Matthew Calarco article for Visage volume
  1. Juliette Loesch (English -> French): Rachel Falconer, Levi article by for Visage volume
  1. Kate-Elisabeth Granges (French -> English): Xavière Gauthier, Surréalisme et Sexualité(1stchapter)
  1. Kristen Gehrman (French -> English + mini-mémoire): Ella Maillard, Parmi la jeunesse russe ; organization of internship at Presses Universitaires de la Sorbonne + Palimpsestes
  1. Valerya Gerontopoulos (French-> English + mini-mémoire): ‘Les sept géantes’, Pierrette Fleutiaux, Métamorphoses de la reine (1990) (2014) (intership at Dalkey Archive)
  1. Sarah Dupertuis (English -> French + mini-mémoire): Alice McDermott, Someone: A Novel,Alice McDermott (2014) (internship at Dalkey Archive)
  1. Pauline Bruttin (English-> French + mini-mémoire): Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri (2014)
  1. Celia Mehou-Loko (English -> French + mini mémoire): ‘The Tale of the Bird’ and ‘The Tale of the Rose’, Emma Donoghue, Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins (1997) (2013) ; supervision of academic translation for publication.

Traduction de projet FNS: ‘Durabilité pour tous’ (sous la direction de Dominique Bourg): programme intégré à (Sciences)2 à partir de 2013-2014. Elaboré et déposé comme projet de module intégré à l’Académie Suisse des Sciences (31 janvier 2013). Projet conçu par Dominique Bourg, traduit en anglais par Martine Hennard Dutheil. Projet accepté et financé par le FNS au printemps 2013.

Essential Grammar in Use

Murphy, Raymond, Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère and Ian McKenzie. Essential Grammar in Use. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

This is the second edition of Essential Grammar in Use for French elementary learners. This fully updated edition of the classic grammar title is now in full colour, with extra material adapted from the third international edition of Essential Grammar in Use, including a new unit, study guide and additional exercises, as well as a brand new CD-ROM. It offers clear support for French speaking learners at this level, with grammar descriptions and explanations in French, and a special focus on areas of grammar French elementary learners might find problematic. The CD-ROM specifically targets areas of difficulty for French learners.

 ISBN 9780521714112

Publisher’s website